Throughout the entirety of our curriculum, we try to impart to our students the sacred truth that good bartending means good socializing. A good bartender is a good listener, a great judge of character, and sometimes a calm mind in an otherwise manic storm. This is especially true of the bartenders in Boston. They’re privy to social interactions and situations that the best of us take for granted and the worst of us dismiss as unimportant. But for those few who may make a great bartender, we’re here to help you hone your craft. When looking for a bartending school in Boston, you’re going to fire up your computer and Google it like the rest of us. And you’ll find, quite early on and very certainly, that the Boston Bartenders School by far outshines any similar institution.

Our curriculum perfectly suits the needs of anyone looking for a bartending school in Boston. We provide our students with a real-life pub setting as a learning environment; an actual bar complete with fully stocked liquor bottles, garnishes, soda mixers, glasses, and even cocktail napkins. Our classroom is the only real place to learn the fine art of being a bartender. We also provide incredibly flexible class schedules that anyone can fit into their lives easily enough to attain their own bartending goals.

What You’ll Learn
Of course, we’ll be teaching you how to make and serve the most popular drinks of the day, but we’ll also stress the importance of being social and providing your customers with a welcoming environment where they can pass the time with friends, make new friends, relieve the stress of their days, and, hopefully, tip well.

This is unlike any other bartending school in Boston. Our teachers are experienced bartenders who have a wealth of knowledge that encompasses almost every bartending situation you can imagine. From shutting people off, to kindly offering advice, to memorizing a regular’s order, and even to telling a few jokes, our teachers can offer insight into the life of a bartender that you’re not going to find anywhere else. With the Boston Bartender’s School, you’ll learn what someone’s drink order says about them as a person. You’ll learn how to gracefully enter and exit conversations that are happening around you. You’ll learn when it’s time to be quiet and listen. You’ll learn when to speak up. And you’ll learn how to live.

If you’re looking for a bartending school in Boston, contact us at 1-800-589-6209