At Boston Bartending School, our focus and inspiration come from knowing that we’re preparing our students for a career that leaves them uniquely independent. What we teach isn’t just how to mix drinks. What we teach is a skill; it’s a skill that can be used anywhere and at anytime. We prepare our students for a career that can be as flexible as their imaginations allow. Our students leave with a professional set of skills that go beyond merely memorizing drink recipes. We’re a bartending school that deals with interpersonal communication, social intelligence, and even entertainment.

Based in New England, we have locations in Nashua, NH, Dracut, MA, and Tewksbury, MA. Whether you’re looking for a bartending school in NH or MA; our locations are easily accessible and offer class schedules flexible enough to fit into your already busy lives. And, of course, we specialize in hands-on bar training. Our classrooms are actually designed as bars; fully equipped with everything you’d expect in a real bar. Right down to the cocktail napkins, our classrooms are the perfect environment to learn the trade of bartending.

A career worth pursuing

The Boston Bartending School’s primary concern is in making our students leave with the skills needed to pursue bartending as a lifetime career. And one’s bartending career doesn’t just have to be followed in NH or MA. We have students who’ve branched out across the country, always learning and meeting some of the most interesting people in the world. A career in bartending is unique in that it gives an individual the opportunity to interact with all types of interesting patrons.

Everyone is familiar with the archetypal bartender, acting as a therapist for their customers. Because it’s an image that is so common, many may brush the idea aside as somewhat mythical, but it is true that an effective bartender does need a great deal of social intelligence. Some experience with interpersonal communication doesn’t hurt either. That’s why Boston Bartending School imparts such knowledge to its students. We teach our students how to work with a certain flair, be observant of the mind state of their patrons, and even how to effectively engage in light social interactions.

Everything you love about your favorite bartender and more can be learned here at Boston Bartending School.

To enroll in a class, check for other locations, or to find out more about the Boston Bartending School, call (800)-589-6209. You can also visit the official website at, or “Like,” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.