n order to effectively learn bartending in NH, you’ll want to get the appropriate training. Bartending is a great job with lots of benefits. Aside from meeting great people, you have the chance to earn money while creating a fun environment for customers. There are a number of skills you’ll need to master before you take on your first bartending gig. Finding a good bartending school in NH might seem like a difficult task, but the courses offered at the Boston Bartending School are now more convenient than ever before.

Mixology Skills At The Bar

It’s true that learning how to make great drinks is the number one priority when bartending in NH. But in reality, it’s only one part of the process. During coursework at the Boston Bartending School, students learn a number of skills including:

  • Opening/closing duties
  • Freestyle hand pouring techniques
  • Beer pouring techniques
  • Wine service
  • Fruit and garnish prep
  • Alcohol awareness training

More Than Just Making A Drink

If you’ve spent any time in a bar or club, you know that great bartenders do more than just make drinks. They create an environment that is fun and fulfilling for customers. Effective bartenders have refined the necessary social skills to promote this kind of positive connection for every person that steps up to order a drink. Part of student training at the Boston Bartending School will cover customer service skills and tips that make this connection possible.
Qualifications And Convenience
Learning bartending from the Boston Bartending School culminates with a state certification in Mixology and Bar Management. Courses are available during the day, at night, or on Saturday to accommodate your schedule! The majority of work is completed in a bar environment with actual professional tools. Ultimately, you will be able to step into the bartending profession with the confidence and tools to succeed.
You can become a qualified bartender today by attending the Boston Bartending School! Find out more about bartending in NH by visiting the Boston Bartending School website or calling 1-800-589-6209.