At our bartending school in MA, we’ve seen our students go on to work at some of the most interesting places imaginable. From swanky hotels to fast-paced nightclubs to small pubs, bartenders actually learn a lot of valuable life skills. And, at the Boston Bartender’s School, we always try to impart to our students that being a successful bartender has more to do than simply knowing how to mix drinks than one might think. Our bartending school lets students know that social skills and being an excellent judge of character are incredibly important in order to become a professional.

In fact, in an article published by Esquire Magazine entitled “What a Bartender Should Be,” the author says, “The modern bartender is often so engrossed in the complications of his craft or, once the drink is made, in explaining to you the complications of his craft that he doesn’t have the will to be anything more than an artisan.”

More than Mixing Drinks

This author is saying that a bartender needs to be more than just someone who can memorize drink recipes. And that’s precisely what our bartending school in MA consistently tries to instill in its students. Becoming a good bartender will help you hone life skills that you never thought you’d learn, much less master. For example, your average bartender may have to address hoards of buzzed customers when they introduce bands, raffle off prizes, or announce the winners of contests. Without even knowing it, this bartender’s public speaking skills are being exercised enough to truly enhance their skills as an orator.

Becoming a bartender will also teach you how to push through failure. Accidentally dropping tray after tray of drinks teaches a person how to be humble and to work through adversity. Bartending also teaches you that, when titles are stripped away, everybody is a nobody. Being privy to the behavior of people from different classes, races, creeds, and belief systems shows a bartender just how meaningless titles can be and that people are, for the most part, very similar. Masking one’s stress level is another skill that becomes refined while working as a bartender. No matter the situation, a bartender has to keep his or her cool in order to survive. These are all life lessons that are incredibly substantial and can be applied to almost any aspect of one’s life and, at our bartending school in MA; we’ll put you on this unique path of knowledge.

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