At the Boston Bartenders School, we know that the greatest judges and examples of our success are our students and the distinguished institutions that hire them. That’s why we consistently try to keep current and prospective students aware of just how easy it is to start bartending in NH after graduating from our Nashua, NH bartending school. Even those looking for a bartending school in Boston can take advantage of our convenient NH locations and the extremely beneficial curriculum we offer our students. And now, currently, we’re offering $100 off of our already extremely affordable tuition costs!

This offer ends in only a few days on February 1, 2014, and seats are limited so apply now! The offer includes alcohol awareness T.I.P.S. and certification classes with a $40 value! So now, it’s more affordable than ever to start a career filled with excellent career options and the ability to rise up in the restaurant or bar industry. And, even if you miss this exciting financial opportunity to save money on tuition, you can still attend our classes at our normal and extremely affordable rates.

Our Affordable Benefits
For all the benefits that our classes offer, our tuition costs are extremely rare in the bartending training industry. When you think of how many doors will be open to you when you’re armed with a diploma from the Boston Bartenders School, the small tuition costs we always make available will seem like nothing. With our job placement services and one on one career advice, you can rest easy knowing that your tuition money is going towards an undertaking that simply can’t be matched. In this rocky job market, a professional bartender can still always find work, especially with all of the experience and material gained through our course.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of these savings and an exciting new career, contact us today at 800-589-6209