At the Boston Bartending School, we offer services and benefits that no other bartending school can match. For those of you looking to get into the exciting field of bartending, we’d like to take this time to briefly discuss how our bartending school compares to other bartending schools out there. Aside from our bartending school in Manchester, NH, we also have 11 other campuses located around the New England area. Other schools don’t have anywhere near the number of convenient locations that we have.

Unlike other schools, even other bartending schools in Boston, we offer Regional Job Assistance throughout every state in New England. This gives you a step ahead of graduates from other bartending schools by plugging you into a wide network of institutions and companies looking for new, qualified bartenders. Our job placement program is affiliated with around 110 schools across America and Canada that are consistently in contact with organizations looking for talented new bartenders. Most schools only offer 20 hours or less of training while our bartending school in NH offers a minimum of 32 hours of intense, hands-on training in an authentic bar atmosphere. We also provide time for unlimited practice.

Our graduates are also allowed a lifetime of refresher classes at no additional charge at any of our conveniently located campuses. Our bartending school in NH is also licensed by the State of New Hampshire Post Secondary Education Commission and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education. Both of these licenses serve to contribute to the overall professionalism and legitimacy of our bartending school in NH.

Our Commitment to Excellence

All of our graduates physically receive a certificate of achievement in mixology/bar management, a B.B.S. Bartenders Personalized Resume from a Placement Director, a laminated bartenders I.D. card, and are all approved and licensed by the State Dept. of Education. Other bartending schools simply don’t offer their graduates any qualifications like these.

Our bartending school in NH is also the largest known school in the restaurant and club industry, so they frequently look to hire our graduates. Also, unlike other bartending schools, all of our instructors have over 20 years of experience and our students’ bartending manual is full of the most up-to-date information in the industry. We make sure that our curriculum complies with everything that is at the forefront of the bartending industry. We also make resume building and interviewing techniques available for all of our graduates and give them access to special seminars having to do with the bartending industry. Our graduates also receive a monthly bartending newsletter with the latest information about drinks, liquors, and exciting new events going on across the country.

It’s safe to say that our bartending school in NH simply outdoes any other school there is. Choose us, and you’re choosing the best way to start a new and exciting career as a fully licensed and confident bartender.

If you’re interested in our bartending school in NH, contact us at 800-589-6209