At the Boston Bartenders School, we know that being a bartender means more than just knowing how to serve beers and mix drinks. Becoming a bartender can fulfill a person financially as well as socially. Our bartending school in Tewksbury, MA can teach you all the fundamentals of being an effective bartender. Aside from teaching you a hands-on approach in a true-to-life pub setting, we also encourage our students to be enthusiastic and well-liked bartenders. After all, a successful bartender is a popular bartender. Learning how to become a bartender can be a thrilling and interesting way to set you up for an exciting and flexible career.

Like the majority of us, you’ve seen bartenders in action. Whether working in a fast-paced, nightclub environment or in a laid-back pub, the bartender generally remains the center of attention. Meeting new and diverse groups of people is but one of the many social benefits of being a bartender. How often do you see bartenders becoming quite well known among many of their customers? It’s a position that allows one to socialize while working. A bartender has the opportunity to develop a well-rounded personality by interacting with a wide cross-section of interesting people.

Making Money While Having Fun

Also, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, your average bartender can earn up to $15.14 an hour, not including tips. Depending on where a bartender works, the tips they earn from generous and satisfied customers can more than double their hourly wages. At the end of every shift, a bartender leaves with cash in hand; the collection of tips they’ve received while working. Being a bartender allows one to have a steady stream of incoming cash that can come in handy any time. Bartenders also often work in shifts, so they can have very flexible schedules. And, because a good bartender is always an asset to any bar or restaurant, where and when a bartender chooses to work is entirely up to them.

And our convenient locations and manageable class schedules can make learning how to be a bartender easy. Even people looking for a bartending school in Boston can take advantage of our convenient locations in MA or NH. Aside from our bartending school in Tewksbury, MA, we also have a bartending school in Dracut, MA, and a campus in Nashua, NH.

When you’re ready to begin a new and exciting career at a bartending school in MA, contact us at: 800-589-6209