Most people at a bar don’t give much thought to how much hard work and effort a bartender puts in every time they’re at work. Your average customer usually thinks of the archetypal bartender merely popping the caps off of beers or simply mixing common alcoholic drinks. When, in fact, there are a number of ways to distinguish a well-educated, professional bartender from your average amateur. And, at our bartending school in NH, we specialize in producing incredibly professional bartenders with skills that go above and beyond what the average bar patron expects.

Bartending School Massachusettes
Our Manchester, NH bartending school, as well as our other campuses, provides students with a course outline that prepares them to be consummate professionals when it comes to bartending. We even teach, “free style hand pouring,” a skill set that clearly distinguishes a professional bartender from an amateur. The impressive multiple pourings at once technique is one of the skills we teach to all of our students. Not only is this a fancy party trick, but it is also a skill that can land someone a bartending job over someone without this knowledge.

Preparing Students for a Fulfilling Career

Besides mixology and the proper serving of drinks at a bar, our course prepares students for all aspects of bar management, customer service, and even the histories of different spirits. We produce bartenders that are steeped in knowledge concerning the field of bartending. When it comes to business management, our bartending school teaches students proper cash register and cash handling skills, product ordering, stocking procedures, board of health regulations, and inventory procedures. These are skills that are essential to any professional bartending job.

Even people looking for a bartending school in Boston come to our New Hampshire campuses because they know that, after graduating from the Boston Bartenders School, they’ll be prepared to face the bartending job market fully prepared to be an effective and professional bartender. Our course even covers fundamental communication skills like interviewing techniques, alcohol awareness training, and all the aspects of bartending professionalism and ethics.

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