If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve been to a bar. You know what the atmosphere is like – it’s a place to unwind, to socialize and briefly forget about all the nonsense in your life. What you may not know is who’s having the most fun at a bar. It just happens to be the bartender! They get to take part in the socializing, gossip, frivolity, and stress relief while getting PAID! “How can I become a bartender,” you ask? By attending our bartending school in NH!

The Boston Bartending School has a conveniently located campus in the heart of downtown Nashua, NH (as well as campuses in Saugus and Tewksbury, MA). And our bartending school in NH is set up just like one of your favorite bars, so learning is effective and fun at the same time! Our classrooms have all the greatest features of a real bar, right down to the martini olives.

An Experience You Won’t Forget

Our class schedules are also flexible enough to fit into anyone’s lifestyle. You can take classes at night, during the weekends, or during the week; whatever works best for you. And you can think of your classmates as fellow bar attendees, except you’ll be talking about the best way to shake a fine martini instead of how to shake it on the dance floor (time permitting, of course).
Yes, we make the art of learning how to become a professional bartender as fun as being a real bartender. You, your classmates, and your instructors will form unexpected but fruitful friendships – all while learning how to become that person who’s having the most fun at your average bar; the bartender. Learning with us is something that has to be experienced to be believed. As laid back as we are, we’re also incredibly informative and helpful. So come to the Boston Bartending School to learn from the best, meet interesting and like-minded people, and set yourself on a path to a lucrative and rewarding career today!

If you’re interested in our bartending school in NH, contact us at 800-589-6209