In 1972, Boston Bartenders School opened its first state-licensed bartending school in Boston, MA. Since then, we have perfected the art of teaching and training future bartenders all around the New England area. With 40 years of experience as professional mixology teachers, we’ve developed a highly effective, hands-on training course that can fully prepare you for a career in bartending. So for those of you looking for a bartending school in New Hampshire or its surrounding areas, we’d like to take this time to summarize what our program entails.

Whether you’re looking for a bartending school in Boston or in New Hampshire, we have easily accessible campuses for you to choose from. You can visit our Nashua, NH bartending school, our Manchester, NH campus, or our Tewksbury, MA location to see which best suits your needs. Our bartending curriculum consists of two primary criteria; “Bartending Training,” and, “Bar Management Training.”

Bartending Training

Our bartending training program will not only teach you how to mix and prepare the most popular alcoholic drinks served at any restaurant or bar but will also teach you the necessary customer service skills that an effective bartender needs to know. So, while teaching you how to properly mix a Long Island Iced Tea or how to shake and garnish a dry martini up, we’ll also cover bartending professionalism and ethics. These have to do with things like knowing how to treat your regular customers, to how to deal with a customer who has had too much to drink. Boston Bartending School will also provide you with product knowledge, which type of glass to use for certain drinks, special shakes and pours, proper beer and wine service, bar terminology, drink price structure, and will cover all the most popular drink categories there are.

Bar Management Training

On-campus, at a bartending school in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, we also provide our students with the skills needed to successfully manage a bar. We run our classes in a true bar room environment that will familiarize you with everything from napkin and stirrer setups to how to open and close a bar. Our experienced and professional teachers will teach our students about stock procedures, inventory controls, bar supplies, various liquor laws, board of health prerequisites, proper money transactions, general customer service, and all there is to know about the profits of a bar.

So when you’re ready for a career in bartending, contact us at: (800)-589-6209