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Not Your Average Warm Drink

And, as winter approaches, we have just the drinks to warm you up. Just like the refreshing feeling you get from a cold beer in the summer, a warm alcoholic drink in the winter can be just as satisfying.

Some of the most underrated of alcoholic drinks are the various hot coffee drinks. Usually served in a warmed glass or mug, there are a number of varieties on the traditional, “Irish Coffee.” Usually made with coffee, whiskey, and Bailey’s Irish Crème liquor, the Irish Coffee is a perfect drink for the cold nights ahead. There’s also the Nutty Irishman, Mexican Coffee, and even a Jamaican Coffee that you can learn more about in our classes.

There are also a variety of warm spiced wines that’ll keep you cozy on a cold, snow-covered night. Then, there’s a way to make hot chocolate even more enticing. For example, the, “Butter Baby,” made with hot chocolate, butterscotch schnapps, and garnished with whipped cream, is a tasty and interesting twist on a classic drink.

So keep warm this winter and contact us at: (800)-589-6209.