Being a bartender comes with a great deal of perks. A bartending job is unlike any other job out there. You get the independence of making your own hours along with the camaraderie that is associated with most job positions. In fact, the camaraderie is enhanced while working at a bar. Generally, people working in the service industry rely on one another in order to get ahead or to make more money. A waiter or waitress depends on the bartender to get drinks ready quickly, a bartender depends on a bar back to keep their work area well-stocked, bartenders depend on each other for flexible working hours, and so on. It’s a very social experience and our bartending school in MA can effectively prepare you for a career as a bartender and for all the benefits that come with it.

When you’re looking for an intriguing career as a bartender, our bartending school in MA is the best place to get started. We teach you everything from mixology to bar management to open and closing duties to how to interact with customers and more. And we do it quickly, affordably, and with classes that are flexible enough to fit anyone’s schedules. While you may be somewhat familiar with the benefits of being a bartender, we’d like to share five of the top reasons to become a bartender today.

  1. The money – The cash. Of course, you’ll get paid hourly and have a check to look forward to, but the real benefit of being a bartender is ending your shift with cold cash in your hands. You leave with all the tips you’ve made and can immediately use that money for anything you need.
  2. You have skills – Being a bartender entitles you to some bragging rights. You know more about alcohol and how to make drinks than any of your non-bartender friends and they’ll see you as a consummate professional while you’ll also be admired by your customers.
  3. The hours – Bartending shifts are flexible enough so that you can also attend school full time or have another part-time job. You can work only a few nights a week and still make the same amount of money that you would at a part-time job or, sometimes, even a full-time job.
  4. Meeting people – Our bartending school in MA will remind you that your future as a bartender will allow you to meet interesting and unique people on both sides of the bar.
  5. FUN – Whether you’re working at a fast-paced nightclub, an upscale restaurant, or a small pub, you have your choice of interesting locations to work in and to be exposed to great music, people, money (again), and more! So much fun!


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