The holidays present a huge opportunity for bartenders to make a lot of money. Everyone is coming home or celebrating their vacation. Bars are the place to be during the holidays to reunite with old friends and distant family. Make sure you are behind the bar during these busy days by taking classes at our bartending school in Nashua. Boston Bartending School has a branch conveniently located in Nashua for those who want to reap the benefits of bartending without traveling too far.

The Boston Bartending School has a conveniently located campus in the heart of downtown Nashua, NH (as well as campuses in Saugus and Tewksbury, MA). And our bartending school in NH is set up just like one of your favorite bars, so learning is effective and fun at the same time! Our classrooms have all the greatest features of a real bar, right down to the martini olives.

Vacations are times for families and friends to get together to reconnect after a long period of time. The easy atmosphere and the buffer of a good drink make bars the perfect place for everyone to relax and let their guard down. A bartender with a positive personality can make a great impression on these people and raises the possibility of a good tip. Attending our bartending school in Nashua increases the chance of you being that person. Our trained instructors will teach you the necessary skills required to pour a great drink, carry an easy conversation and multitask, so you can care for an entire bar.

Bars and restaurants will feel more comfortable hiring you with experience from Boston Bartending School on your resume. Proper training means they can trust you and your abilities. It won’t take long to get you behind the bar on the busiest nights, which will become more frequent as it gets closer to the holidays. Get ahead of the game by signing up for classes at our bartending school in Nashua now and be reaping the benefits by the Christmas.

Call us at 800-589-6209 or visit us online to enroll in your class today. Classes in Nashua are held at 142 Main Street.