Bartending Course Outline

Take a moment to view our bartending course outline & topics below

Boston Bartenders School Course Topics Include:

  • Free style hand pouring, these skills clearly distinguish a professional bartender from an amateur.
  • One and Two handed pours.
  • Daily opening and closing duties.
  • Learn about the different spirits and their histories.
  • Bar flair (Bottle flipping).
  • Draft beer pouring.
  • Proper wine service.
  • Blended frozen drinks.
  • Fruit garnish preparation.
  • Business Management: Cash register and cash handling, product ordering, stocking procedures, board of health regulations, and inventory procedures.
  • Alcohol awareness training, “TIPS”. Classes available online & on school premises. (minimal extra one time charge)
  • Customer service skills
  • Career development; Interviewing techniques, Job placement assistance.
  • Professionalism and ethics.

Advantages of our Bartending Course:

  • Our course is designed for you to spend 75%-80% of your training time behind the bar, practicing the exciting art of mixology.
  • Our objective is to teach you the skills and knowledge of mixology so you can be a competent bartender. No knowledge needed. We will teach you all you need to know to be successfully bartend.
  • At our schools, you will use the same equipment and tools professional bartenders use.
  • Unlimited training hours and testing.
  • Our schools have an open door policy, which means that any student may come in and practice mixing drinks during any class; day, evening, or Saturday. Free Lifetime Refresher courses.
  • We strive to create a fun and exciting learning environment.
  • Special monthly seminars and field trips.
  • Our Bartending Manual is updated frequently, so that it is useful and not outdated. The manual was written and designed by owners/managers in the industry throughout New England. These experienced people know what bartenders need to learn to be successful. It is an easy to read manual with fantastic illustrations. Our drink list consists of the most popular up-to-date recipes.
  • Designed in conjuntion with the industry leader.
  • Local and national placement assistance guaranteed.
  • Hundreds of local establishments contact the Boston Bartending Schools each month looking for our trained bartenders.
  • State approved certification, resume, bartenders ID card.