Compare Boston Bartender School vs. Other Schools

Feature Boston Bartenders Other schools Online schools
Twelve Franchise Locations Networking in New England Area. (franchise owners on school premises) Yes x x
Regional Job Placement Assistance throughout every state in N.E. Yes x x
Nation Wide Job Placement assistance unlimited with 110 affiliated schools in most major cities across USA & CANADA. Yes x x
Minimum 32 Hours full week days or p/t 2 week evening of Intensive hands-on-training in Authentic Pub-Style Atmosphere (i.e. Soda Guns, Blenders, Real Fruit Garnish Demo.) Unlimited practice time available. 32 20 or less 0
Licensed by the State of New Hampshire Post secondary Education Commission and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education Yes x x
Creator Of Unlimited Free Refresher Classes. Never An Additional Charge. Yes x x
All Graduates physically receive:

  • Certificate of Achievement in Mixolgy Bar Management.
  • B.B.S. Bartenders Personalized Resume from Placement Director.
  • Laminated Bartenders I.D. Card.

All Approved & Licensed By State Dept. of Education.

Yes x x
Opened 1st School 34 years Ago, Largest Known School in Restaurant & Club Industry for hiring
Bartenders in N.E. All Instructors 20 plus years experience. Exciting new manual with only up to date information.
Yes x x
Resume building / Interview coaching available. Yes x x
Access to special seminars (flair training) (guest speakers) and monthly bartending newsletter with new information about drinks, liquors, and exciting new events occurring across the country. Yes x x