The Most Flexible and Convenient Bartending School in Massachusetts

Bartending School in MassachusettsNo matter what you may think, it's never too late or too early to learn the art of bartending. Whether you're a college student on summer break or someone who is simply looking for a change of pace, our bartending school in Massachusetts can provide you with a foundation on which to build a new career or to supplement your current income. We have three convenient locations including a new campus on Saugus, MA on 38 Broadway St. We also have campuses in Nashua, NH and Tewksbury, MA and all three locations make for an easy commute.

Our class schedules are also flexible enough to fit into any schedule. Like all of our campuses, our bartending school in Massachusetts provides its students with day, evening, and Saturday classes that can be also uniquely organized to fit your schedule. And, one of the first things you'll learn about bartending in general is that it is a field that is highly flexible. The day, evening, and night shifts that bartending offers combined with the skill set you'll attain from our courses can give you the freedom to follow a career path at your convenience.


Feel like just working weekends? Are you a night person who prefers to work well into the evening? Do you need a career that offers a few weekdays off here and there? Then bartending could be the answer you're looking for. As a certified bartender, you can find employment full-time, part-time, or as a second job. You can even "freelance," and work at events like private parties and business conventions to make some quick cash. You can very well become the life of the party by impressing your friends with your extensive knowledge of mixology and with the flashy drink preparation skills we teach you.

When you're looking for a bartending school in Massachusetts, you'll soon find that Boston Bartending is the most convenient, affordable, and in-depth institution around. We're currently knocking $100 off of our tuition in order to make it even easier for you to become a bartender. We even offer all of our graduates lifetime job placement assistance as well as refresher courses at 12 Boston Bartending campuses located around New England. So don't delay. Sign up for our bartending course today and let us successfully guide you on a new flexible financial path!

If you're interested in our bartending school in Massachusetts, contact us at: 1-800-589-6209

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